Clima8e Official Tokenomics Announcement

We are excited to officially announce the official tokenomics for $MATE - the native token for Clima8e

Token Metrics

Token Symbol: $MATE

Total Max Supply: 100M

Initial Circulating Supply: 8.75M $MATE

Initial Market Cap: ~$850K USD

$MATE — Clima8e native token

The $MATE native token is key to get priority-access to token sales pools hosted on the Clima8e platform.

It also has two interesting token mechanisms:

1.Earn interests just by holding — There is a re-distribution fee of 2% on each transaction that gets re-distributed proportionally between all holders of $MATE. This incentives holding. The fee is adjustable (0–5%)

Deflationary — 2% (2M) of the total supply goes to the burn address on listing. This address accumulates more tokens on each transaction because of the re-distribution fee, thereby effectively removing them from circulation. This will increase the scarcity and value of each $MATE over time.

$MATE will play a Community Governance role too in the future — more about this in our Roadmap coming soon.

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